WordPress management – looking for beta testers

One of the projects I’m working on is called Remote Control Panel for WordPress and is getting ready for beta testing. Or to be honest, we’re still in the middle of functional testing so we could still be a couple of weeks away. But we still think it’s time to start recruiting beta testers for… Continue reading WordPress management – looking for beta testers

A slow host is a bad host

Just a quick post about a discovery I just made. When using the Load Time Profiler plugin to measure load time, it’s possible to compare two hosting environments by looking at the first part of the load process, before any plugins or theme files are loaded. The last point such point measured by the plugin… Continue reading A slow host is a bad host

WordPress profiler

This post is part two of a mini series where I (1) explain why keeping track of WordPress load timing is important and (2) discuss how WordPress load time profiling can be done using a newly created plugin. If you want to skip the chatter and go straight to the plugin, you can download it here.… Continue reading WordPress profiler

WordPress load time analysis

UPDATE Dec 8th 2013: I’ve updated the plugin even more. Read about it in part 2. UPDATE Dec 3rd 2013: While testing the plugin on a few installations, I discovered a couple of bugs. If you downloaded the plugin on Dec 2nd 2013, you may want to try the improved version available below. I’ve been working a lot with WordPress… Continue reading WordPress load time analysis

Rackspace and load test automation

Well, last workday of this week turned out nice. I’ve been working with LoadImpact.com for a few months, providing text material for their blog. Mostly hands on technical stuff about load testing, how their tool can be used, and fun things you can find out with a good Load Testing tool at hand. But this… Continue reading Rackspace and load test automation

WordPress file permissions

  In order for WordPress to be able to install a plugin and plugins or themes automatically there are a number of conditions that have to be met. If all those conditions aren’t met, one-click installations or upgrades won’t happen, instead, whenever you try to upgrade, WordPress will show you the FTP credentials input form. If… Continue reading WordPress file permissions

Gmail and Google Apps mail migration

I’ve been a long time Google Apps user, I think it’s a perfect solution for a smaller company like mine. In fact, it’s a perfect solution for bigger companies as well. Right now, I’m working with a client that wants to consolidate 10 individual Google Apps domains into one single account that handles all the… Continue reading Gmail and Google Apps mail migration

Node.js scalability and tech writers

I’ve just published a text on the LoadImpact blog. This time I write a little bit about the findings I made when trying to put a little heavier load on a very simple Node.js, turns out that Node.js is not a silver bullet after all. Who would have guessed. If you need content for your… Continue reading Node.js scalability and tech writers


I’ve just started blogging as a guest writer at LoadImpact.com. If you’re not already familiar with LoadImpact, go check them out. They provide the word leading load test as cloud service solution and is free to try out. Today my first post was published about the difference between Node.js and PHP as server side languages/environments. So,… Continue reading LoadImpact

Debugging your phpunit test cases in CodeIgniter

I don’t know why it feels ironic, but it does. Sometimes I need to debug my phpunit test cases and it wasn’t very very self explanatory to understand how to set it up . The solution however, is quite easy. I’ve previously written about how to enable the php debugger xdebug from a command line… Continue reading Debugging your phpunit test cases in CodeIgniter