Rackspace and load test automation

Well, last workday of this week turned out nice. I’ve been working with LoadImpact.com for a few months, providing text material for their blog. Mostly hands on technical stuff about load testing, how their tool can be used, and fun things you can find out with a good Load Testing tool at hand. But this… Continue reading Rackspace and load test automation

Using CodeIgniter migrations with PHPUnit

Even some of the CodeIgniter developers are not especially happy about how Migrations are implemented in the current version. Never the less, if you have a CodeIgniter 2.x code base that you want to write unit tests for, you may want to use them. In a PHPUnit test class, you can use setUp() and tearDown()… Continue reading Using CodeIgniter migrations with PHPUnit

CodeIgniter for PHP CodeSniffer gets better

Just a quick note, my PHP CodeSniffer standard for CodeIgniter improves gradually, since I originally mentioned it a month ago, the following improvements have been made to the repo: Improved indentation checks in switch statements, works with tabs now Correct file and class naming when creating libraries (CodeIgniter expects capitalized file names for libraries) Support… Continue reading CodeIgniter for PHP CodeSniffer gets better

PHP CodeSniffer and CodeIgniter

I recently found out that Thomas Ernest have created a CodeIgniter standard for CodeSniffer. He mentioned on the CI formus that it’s not perfect and does spit out a few warnings and errors for things that are really OK in the CI style guide. False positives. This is the slightly modified welcome.php controller file I wanted to… Continue reading PHP CodeSniffer and CodeIgniter