Debugging your phpunit test cases in CodeIgniter

I don’t know why it feels ironic, but it does. Sometimes I need to debug my phpunit test cases and it wasn’t very very self explanatory to understand how to set it up . The solution however, is quite easy. I’ve previously written about how to enable the php debugger xdebug from a command line […]

Debug PHP-cli scripts with Xdebug and Sublime Text 2

In my previous post, I explained how I’ve set up debugging PHP scripts with Xdebug and Sublime Text ¬†2 in a web based environment. In this part, I’ll outline how I debug PHP command line scripts. If you want to follow this guide, make sure you have everything setup as explained in the previous post. […]

Debugging PHP with Sublime Text 2

In my early days of developing, I was heavily using Microsoft Visual Studio almost exclusively and say what you want about developing in the Microsoft ecosystem, but debugging Just Worked. In the Open source world of various iteration of LAMP stack, debugging is more of a challenge and¬†honestly, just as many other developers working with […]