About me

I’m a father, occasional race car driver, dog owner and senior developer.

Occasional race car driver. Mean that I sometime drive¬†cars in endurance type races at amateur level. I’m by far from a racing god but darn it’s a bag of fun. Putting this at the top of my about page is not a coincidence.

I used to identify as a freelance CTO type person which meant that I’ve got a ton of experience in various technology fields. Software development is closest to my heart, but I’ve been occupied with lots of other IT/IS related work in both large and small companies. But for the past 12 months I’m more or less 100% devoted to software development. Day time as a senior developer at Delicious Brains and all other times of the week in my own projects.

The dog is Dennis,¬† the Boxer. Eight years old (which is a lot for that breed), loyal, stubborn and ridiculously picky about food. I’m a bit concerned he is not be the smartest dog in town but he makes up for that by the best friend imaginable.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.