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About Erik Torsner

I’m an occasional race car driver and freelancing CTO type person. And author.

Occasional race car driver. Mean that I sometime drive cars in endurance type races at amateure level. I’m by no means a racing god but darn it’s a bag of fun. Putting this at the top of my about page is not a coincidence.

CTO type person means that I’ve got a ton of experience in various technology fields. Software development is closest to my heart, but I’ve been occupied with lots of other IT/IS related work in both large and small companies. Even though I’m a social being, I’m better at technology than managing people. So I’ve decided that I’m going to stick to work positions that allows me to focus on technology rather than management. If I ever end up working for a large company again, I’ll imagine it being in research rather than operations.

Freelancing  means that when I’m not burying myself deep in my own projects. I’m available for hire. In the last years I’ve been engaged in; http/REST API development, mobile application development, ip-telephone infrastructure planning and deployment, implemented more than a few e-Commerce stores (on WordPress), a fair amount of devops work just to name a few.

The dog? His name is Dennis and he is a Boxer. Loyal stubborn and ridiculously picky about food and I’m a bit concerned he might not be the smartest dog in town. But without any doubt the best friend imaginable.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me using the form below. Who knows, we might become friends.