Freescout on SpinupWp

Update May 16th 2021: I’ve added a section about how to make sure SSL certificates are renewed automatically. In this tutorial I will go through the steps of setting up the open source helpdesk software Freescout on a SpinupWP site. I’m using this setup in production on a 2GB DigitalOcean droplet that is also hosting… Continue reading Freescout on SpinupWp

Things to improve Ubuntu 16.04 on Dell XPS 13 (9630)

Ubuntu + XPS

How to play Star Stable on Linux

Star Stable install screen

TLDR; Star Stable works fine under Wine 1.7.55. Use Play On Linux if you want to avoid too much Wine configuration details. UPDATE 2015-12-27 I’ve recently reinstalled this on a fresh Ubuntu Gnome 15.10 64bit. In order to make Starstable work, I had to install two additional packages from the command prompt: $ sudo apt-get… Continue reading How to play Star Stable on Linux

Creating a persistent ssh tunnel in Ubuntu

In situations when no VPN is either not available or you just think it’s an overkill to configure an ssh tunnel can be a pretty good alternative. An SSH tunnel works by setting up an ssh connetion between two hosts and use that connection to transport normal network traffic. On one side of the tunnel,… Continue reading Creating a persistent ssh tunnel in Ubuntu

WordPress file permissions

  In order for WordPress to be able to install a plugin and plugins or themes automatically there are a number of conditions that have to be met. If all those conditions aren’t met, one-click installations or upgrades won’t happen, instead, whenever you try to upgrade, WordPress will show you the FTP credentials¬†input form. If… Continue reading WordPress file permissions

Gmail and Google Apps mail migration

I’ve been a long time Google Apps user, I think it’s a perfect solution for a smaller company like mine. In fact, it’s a perfect solution for bigger companies as well. Right now, I’m working with a client that wants to consolidate 10 individual Google Apps domains into one single account that handles all the… Continue reading Gmail and Google Apps mail migration

Debugging PHP with Sublime Text 2

In my early days of developing, I was heavily using Microsoft Visual Studio almost exclusively and say what you want about developing in the Microsoft ecosystem, but debugging Just Worked. In the Open source world of various iteration of LAMP stack, debugging is more of a challenge and¬†honestly, just as many other developers working with… Continue reading Debugging PHP with Sublime Text 2

Net ID on Ubuntu 12.10

I don’t know if it’s because of my desktop environment (Ubuntu 12.10, Gnome Shell 3.6) is so darn special or because Firefox 17 disabled a certain feature. But anyway, when I tried installing Net ID from SecMaker, better known as Telia e-legitimation, it would just fail. But I was able to find a workaround. My… Continue reading Net ID on Ubuntu 12.10