Rackspace and load test automation

Well, last workday of this week turned out nice.

I’ve been working with LoadImpact.com for a few months, providing text material for their blog. Mostly hands on technical stuff about load testing, how their tool can be used, and fun things you can find out with a good Load Testing tool at hand.

But this week, one of my posts actually got published on the Rackspace Devops blog. I don’t have the numbers, but I’m suspecting that Rackspace to have quite a decent amount of readers. So Hooray! Not that Rackspace called me personally and begged for it, rather that Rackspace and LoadImpact are working together in other areas, but still, more readers, heh?¬†Anyway, the space available for this first post on their blog was limited, so I almost immediately followed up with some nitty gritty details and a working demo. And yes, there’s code in there.

I other news. Ferrari finished 9 and 10 in Belgium Grand Prix qualification (that’s F1) and I’ve just decided to port an ongoing project from CodeIgniter to Laravel 4. Only things that bugs me about that is that Laravel 4 seem to have more runtime overhead than CI. Expect more on the conversion process in the next few weeks.

Now, time to prepare saturday dinner and a get glass of the red stuff.






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