eBook on WordPress development and deployment

Last weeks I’ve been busy finishing up an eBook with the kind of straight forward title: WordPress DevOps –¬†Strategies for developing and deploying with WordPress It’s a 100 page guide covering how You can get WordPress to work a little bit better in a proper development process, covering automation, testing and deployment. If you’re interested,… Continue reading eBook on WordPress development and deployment

Rackspace and load test automation

Well, last workday of this week turned out nice. I’ve been working with LoadImpact.com for a few months, providing text material for their blog. Mostly hands on technical stuff about load testing, how their tool can be used, and fun things you can find out with a good Load Testing tool at hand. But this… Continue reading Rackspace and load test automation

Load testing tools vs monitoring tools

Seems all writing I have time for these days is for others. Anyway, latest post on the LoadImpact blog is published. Go read.

Node.js scalability and tech writers

I’ve just published a text on the LoadImpact blog. This time I write a little bit about the findings I made when trying to put a little heavier load on a very simple Node.js, turns out that Node.js is not a silver bullet after all. Who would have guessed. If you need content for your… Continue reading Node.js scalability and tech writers


I’ve just started blogging as a guest writer at LoadImpact.com.¬†If you’re not already familiar with LoadImpact, go check them out. They provide the word leading load test as cloud service solution and is free to try out. Today my first post was published about the difference between Node.js and PHP as server side languages/environments. So,… Continue reading LoadImpact