WordPress DevOps – The book

Today the eBook on WordPress and DevOps was released.  Go directly to Leanpub and get your copy.

WordPress DevOps
WordPress DevOps – The book

What is it about?

The challenge

When dealing with WordPress sites in the long run, it’s easy to end up in trouble. Have you ever upgrading a plugin just to find that the upgraded version ruined your site? Have you ever hesitated to upgrade WordPress core since you are not sure about any nasty side effects? If so, you are in good company. Lots of WordPress developers and site administrators find themselves in this situation daily.

The common advice for this problem is to take a backup of the entire site, restore the backup on another server and make all upgrades and other changes on the alternate site. But then what? If you just copy all those changes back together with the database to the live site, you’ll risk losing content that was added while you were working. Any new posts, comments or orders that came is will simply be gone. So you can chose between accepting that potential loss or transfer the changes back manually once you’ve figured them out. Sometimes it might be easy, but it will often be messy process.

At the end, you’re going to ask yourself if that messy process is really worth your time.

A solution

In this book, I walk the reader through a solution that is based on the concept of trying to separate application (code, menus, pages etc.) from content and a method creating your own tools to manage that separation. The book is a walk through of the process of setting up a reasonably complex WordPress membership site where the separation between application and content becomes clear. Covering how to start using modern tools like Vagrant and Git to manage a safe development environment, how to deploy safely using Rocketeer, a dedicated deployment tool and how to structure the WordPress application so that it’s easy to develop locally and deploy safely.

Get IT? Get IT!

This book is currently sold via Leanpub where you get to decide the price yourself (well almost anyway). As with all their titles, you can download the book as a pdf, mobi or epub format, so you can read it on pretty much any computer or eBook reader software. The book comes with lots of code that is available to readers via a Github, so you’re not only learning, you’ll also have the code to get your WordPress DevOps process started quickly.

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WordPress DevOps
WordPress DevOps – The book

Note. As a Leanpub author I’m specifying a minimum and a recommended price for you to pay. On top of that Leanpub adds VAT depending on your location. With the discount code, the minimum price is discounted by 25%

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