Mysql Workbench on Ubuntu 14.10

As a friendly tip for anyone else who:

  1. Just upgraded to Ubuntu 14.10
  2. Use Mysql Workbench a lot
  3. Use the built in TCP/IP over SSH to connect to remote servers.

There’s a big chance that you saw this:



In Ubuntu 14.10 the package python-paramiko was upgraded to 1.15. The package is used by Python apps to create ssh connection. In version 1.15 it seems that paramiko has problem with some servers due to a mismatch in what protocols to support. End result is that your MySQL Workbench cant connect using an ssh connection


Downgrade to python-paramiko 1.10 that was shipped with Ubuntu 14.04.


Run these two commands in the terminal.

$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i python-paramiko_1.10.1-1git1build1_all.deb


  1. This didn’t work for me. After installing the .deb paramiko 1.15.1 was installed according to pip:

    $ pip freeze | grep paramiko

    Mysql Workbench was still failing with the same error. Downgrading with pip did the trick:

    $ sudo pip install -U paramiko==1.10.1

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