Mysql Workbench on Ubuntu 14.10

As a friendly tip for anyone else who:

  1. Just upgraded to Ubuntu 14.10
  2. Use Mysql Workbench a lot
  3. Use the built in TCP/IP over SSH to connect to remote servers.

There’s a big chance that you saw this:



In Ubuntu 14.10 the package python-paramiko was upgraded to 1.15. The package is used by Python apps to create ssh connection. In version 1.15 it seems that paramiko has problem with some servers due to a mismatch in what protocols to support. End result is that your MySQL Workbench cant connect using an ssh connection


Downgrade to python-paramiko 1.10 that was shipped with Ubuntu 14.04.


Run these two commands in the terminal.

$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i python-paramiko_1.10.1-1git1build1_all.deb

WordPress management – looking for beta testers


One of the projects I’m working on is called Remote Control Panel for WordPress and is getting ready for beta testing. Or to be honest, we’re still in the middle of functional testing so we could still be a couple of weeks away. But we still think it’s time to start recruiting beta testers for this service. Our goal is to launch the beta test first half of February.

So what is Remote Control Panel?

Remote Control Panel is a freemium service that will help users manage multiple WordPress installations. In plain English, that means that our service will:

  • Do continuous backups of your WordPress site, all files and the complete database.
  • Keep backups for a year. Allowing you to restore from any given point in time
  • Keep track of all your plugins and themes and alert you when there’s an upgrade available.
  • Provide a one-click interface to upgrade plugins and themes on all your WordPress sites at the same time.

What will I get for testing it?

Well, we hope that the most important thing we deliver is your next favorite tool for backup and management, but apart from that, all our Beta testers that provide feedback will have the first 12 months free after official launch. Even if we’re planning to offer a free entry level version of the product with limited storage capacity, the premium version will offer more storage and more frequent backups. At the very least, you’ll get $179 (14.95/month) worth of premium backup service for helping us out with the beta testing.

What do I need?

At this point, we’re not picky at all. If you’re the admin of one or more WordPress installations, you’re welcome to apply for the beta testing program.

Where do I sign up?

Head on over to https// to sign up for the beta test. Many thanks in advance.